Do you need someone to talk to?

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Are you looking to be inspired and mentally engaged?

You have come to the right place!

We are here to:      

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Please be advised: although we are accomplished professionals, we are not a replacement for psychotherapy, legal or medical professional services. We do not intend to fix problems for you,  nor is this a place for crisis management.

B1-Online is a confidential (and clean!) chat service with one of our caring community members who will be happy to spend time with you. We are professional, mature, and have a rich life experience to draw from.

How this site works- SIMPLE AND EASY

  1. Browse our bio in the Contacts page to get to know us.
  2. Select who you would like to chat with and when.
  3. Right now this service is at no cost so feel free to connect with us! Don’t forget to give us feedback about your experience. We will also appreciate suggestions on how to further develop our supportive community site.

Enjoy and come again!

The B1-online site and its community members  are not intended to provide therapy or professional advice of any kind (legal, medical, financial, etc). We are simply here to provide adult support when you need it. We offer objectivity and our special skills as mature individuals for adults over 18 years old. Any discussions between the parties are for leisure and educational purposes only. The B1-online site members shall not be held legally liable for any actions you may choose to take after our chat.