No-gym Workouts

In my previous post on “The Pillars of Good Health” I mentioned that strength training is critical to good health. We need to keep our muscles toned and strong. This helps in many ways including injury prevention, weight control, and general life joy.

Most people resist joining a gym for many reasons. Whether you do not want to pay a gym membership or feel uncomfortable in a public setting, a gym is not necessary to tone your body.

One of my favorite sources of free workouts is The exercise detailed there range from the very basic to the extreme — take your pick, they have a challenge for you!

So click over to and find an exercise routine that you like and that will challenge you. If their workouts help you achieve your fitness goals, please consider making a donation to their site. Consider how much you would have to spend to get this information elsewhere, and you know you would be saving lots of money (not to mention time) by using the workouts at

Enjoy … and be careful and safe! Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program.

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